The Gunma Modern Kokeshi Contest: Exhibition of award-winning works

The purpose of The All Gunma Modern Kokeshi Concours is to improve the quality and design of Gunma's proud "modern kokeshi dolls", to enhance their techniques, and to deepen the appreciation of kokeshi art.

This year marked the 62nd contest, and the Usaburo Kokeshi craftsmen submitted many unique kokeshi dolls.

Unfortunately, due to the spread of the covid-19, the exhibition was closed to the public again this year.

However, you can view them on the official website of the contest.

▶︎ WEB SITE: The 62nd All Gunma Modern Kokeshi Concours

The prize-winning works are on display on the 31st floor of the Gunma Prefectural Office, so please take precautions against infection and visit.


【The 62nd All Gunma Modern Kokeshi Concours】

Prize-winning works

Exhibition Period: until March 17, 2022 (Thursday)

Place of Exhibition:31st Floor, Gunma Prefectural Office