Making original kokeshi dolls


You can try your hand at painting kokeshi dolls at the Usaburo Kokeshi  Store near Ikaho Hot Springs in Gunma.

You can draw your favorite patterns on the beautiful wooden kokeshi dolls carved by our craftsmen, and complete your original Kokeshi doll.

We hope you enjoy this workshop as a memory of your trip.

|Start Time

Reservations in advance by phone required.
1) 10:00 - / Capacity 20 people
2) 13:30  - / Capacity 20 people

※ Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

|Time required

60 minutes ~


¥1,650 ~
※ Including material fee

|Painting Flow

This is only a 3-step process that even first-timers can enjoy.
After painting, our craftsmen will apply a lacquer coating on your kokeshi.
You can take it home on the same day.