Musha (Samurai)
Musha (Samurai)
Musha (Samurai)
Musha (Samurai)
Musha (Samurai)
Musha (Samurai)

Musha (Samurai)

Regular price ¥2,750 ¥7,740 Unit price per
| Product specification
Size (mm) W 58 × D 58 × H 50
Material Mizuki (Giant dogwood)
Weight 60 g ~
Overseas shipping
Item No 17-1
| Set contents
■ Kokeshi only:
■ Basic set:
kokeshi, display stand No4, folding screen, rug, wooden tag
■ Chimaki, carp streamer set:
kokeshi, display stand No6, framed folding screen, rug, wooden tag, chimaki dumplings, carp streamer

[Display stand]
Display stand No4 W 110 × D 90 × H 15 (mm)
Display stand No6 W 180 × D 120 × H 15 (mm)

| Notes
● Kokeshi dolls are crafts that are handmade one by one by craftsmen. Please note that there are some individual differences in the finish.
● Please be careful not to get it wet, get sunburned, or drop it. Please refer to here for how to handle.