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Shaun the Sheep “The Naughty Pigs” A

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\ Character Kokeshi /
Through an official collaboration, the characters of Shaun the Sheep have become kokeshi dolls, a part of Japanese culture.

Each of the three pigs has a slightly different look.
This is a pig kokeshi with two front teeth peeking out.

Our kokeshi dolls are made from natural wood, shaved, polished, and painted carefully.
These are handmade by our kokeshi craftsmen, giving them a warm texture that can only be achieved by hand.

| Product specification
Size (mm) W 38 × D 38 × H 82

Mizuki (Giant dogwood)

Weight 100 g
Item No 22-31-1
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| Notes
● Kokeshi dolls are crafts that are handmade one by one by craftsmen. Please note that there are some individual differences in the finish.
● Please be careful not to get it wet, get sunburned, or drop it. Please refer to here for how to handle.