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Shaun the Sheep “Shaun” SS

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\ Character Kokeshi /
Through an official collaboration, the characters of Shaun the Sheep have become kokeshi dolls, a part of Japanese culture.

Although as small as a quail's egg, Shaun's features, such as the fuzzy hair on his head and droopy ears, are carefully depicted on this kokeshi doll.

Our kokeshi dolls are made from natural wood, shaved, polished, and painted carefully.
These are handmade by our kokeshi craftsmen, giving them a warm texture that can only be achieved by hand.

| Product specification
Size (mm) W 30 × D 30 × H 35

Mizuki (Giant dogwood)

Weight 4 g
Item No 22-33
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| Notes
● Kokeshi dolls are crafts that are handmade one by one by craftsmen. Please note that there are some individual differences in the finish.
● Please be careful not to get it wet, get sunburned, or drop it. Please refer to here for how to handle.